Headache named bed selfie—-because boobs.

Headache named bed selfie—-because boobs.

If there’s 24inch difference between my band and my busy measurements what the fuck size is that?

Side note. Due to excessive dildo usage last night I feel like I need an ice pack or a rental vagina for the day…like I have to go to the gyno later to get a diaphragm and let me tell you I am NOT looking forward to being prodded AT ALL! especially after my busy night. Lmao!! Your extremely welcome for this very early over share. No shame. No filter.

I’ve already left and came back from stuff I needed to do today. It’s 8:20am. Eat me Monday!

Anonymous said: I dunno if others have this problem but streamate really... lags for me. Pretty bad, your audio goes out of sync too. Doesn't happen on MFC at least, I'm not sure what the deal is. You were still looking fantastic though!

Streamate broadcasts at a WAY higher quality due to the fact that 1)HD encoder 2) it can handle my internet unlike MFC —-if I wasn’t broadcasting at “excellent” quality then I wouldn’t have gotten optioned for goldshows/streamate tv so it is most likely your connection and not an issue on my end. I’ve pulled my streamate can up on my shitty laptop before to quality check tons of times as well and it is MUCH clearer in all ways compared to MFC that never maintains a steady connection bc their servers are AWFUL

Anonymous said: Looking at your pics fine me chills!! Your so stunning!


Anonymous said: No question just a compliment....your body is one of the best things I've seen! I can't even believe it's real lol your like a cartoon character! Amazing! Thank you!

Lol thanks 😁😁

Anonymous said: Can I get a happy birthday?

Happy Birthday anon

Anonymous said: Speaking of smothering, have you ever done like a POV clip with you talking about what it would be like for the guy to have those massive boobs engulfing his head?

I’ve done that on cam but I haven’t released any clips of that nature as of yet.

Anonymous said: Woah that new av of yours has you looking super hot (like, even hotter than usual) can you post it so we can see it in all its glory please?

Done. 😁

fats said: Sorry!! I meant to answer that privately but I'm mobile and not paying attention!

It’s okay. I have contracted Twitter before and they are EXTREMELY slow at responding BUT I personally still would. It could be a glitch in their system and they may have suspended you and meant to suspend him. Who knows.

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my twitter account is suspended because when some dude sent me a dick pic I asked if he had ever given me money…. 

He said “I get paid, I don’t pay”

And I said “alright well don’t show me your fucking dick it’s disgusting what  thefuck is wrong with you?” 

….then he proceeded to tell me he would fuck me when and where he wanted. He “may even find me and fuck me tonight”

So I reported him and said it was a threat of violence. 

… and now MY account is suspended. 

so if you’re wondering why there’s no twitter activity. That’d be why! 

What the actual fuck.

Ugh I’m sorry!

Here’s that new pic everyone’s been asking for a larger version of! xox

Here’s that new pic everyone’s been asking for a larger version of! xox

i had a super awesome fantastic mind blowing time on streamate tonight.  i hope this keeps up!!  see yall tomorrow night! xoxoxoxoxo