notnormal88 said: Would you add me on Snapchat?

666 tkns or $40

Still on mfc

Still on mfc

About to get on mfc

About to get on mfc

Anonymous said: Would you let me suck some milk out of your boobs


I’m looking for a sound system that does vinyl, cd and mp3/iphone.

Can someone point me to one that’s awesome and spectacular and worth the price.

I’ve got ALOT of vinyls and CDs that I wanna listen to!

Fun facts

I am stupidly excited to see 50 shades of grey … is it valentines day yet?

artnation2013 said: Have you ever wanted to be in an actual porn

If you go thru my questions I literally get asked this every 10 questions or so. No I will never and never have even thought of doing it. I have some very strong feelings on why and am not posting them again due to the amount of backlash my reasoning gets.

It’s always a No.

donmega4273 said: Did you ever see Days of Future Past?



New bra!! It’s awesome!! 46N! Hooray!!

(via winkingdaisys)

holycrapijust said: It's said that we learn something every day. What did life teach you yesterday?

That when you break a piece of bone off your body reabsorbs it no matter how big it is. This actually weirded me out earlier.

iedgeicum said: Do you enjoy giving guided masturbation?


whiteknightblackknight said: Knowing you can have any man you choose, why do you stay with the one you have?

Because he’s my best friend and I love him. Thus getting married and procreating.

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